Practice areas

Zæhringen Attorneys Ltd: Practice areas

Todays circumstances result complex legal consequences. Therefore all commercial and personal conflicts require expertise in different fields of law for an efficient resolution.

Thus, todays lawyer is forced to go beyond the limitations of traditional thinking and analyze issues from various angles. Expertise and experience qualify a lawyer with a broad perspective, common sense and practicality both in dispute prevention and dispute resolution.

At Zaehringen Attorneys, with our innovative thinking, we guarantee the most feasible outcome in legal services we provide.

Family & Inheritance

Family & Inheritance

Our office provides services on all family law concerns such as prenuptial agreements, divorce, and parental rights on national and international levels.

Inheritance Law

Our Areas of Practices concerning Inheritance Law:

  • Partition of Succession
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Inheritance Management
Real Estate & Rental Agreements

Real Estate & Rental Agreements

All disputes and legal services concerning real estate matters including litigation at administrative courts have been advised by Zaehringen Attorneys with years of experience. We mainly provide services on:

  • Landlord/ Tenant Law
  • Litigation on Construction and Development
  • Prime Contracts, Enterprise and Architecture
  • Law of Neighbours
  • Commonhold
  • Land Settlements, Town and Country Planning
  • Environmental Law
  • Agriculture Law
Corporate, Contract Law & Employement

Economics, Trade and Contract Law

Zaehringen Attorneys provide services on international law of commerce and code of obligations with its great expertise and years of experiencein English, French, German and Turkish . Our experience expose the importance of the negotiations and drafting of business contracts for conflict avoidance. In that regards, at Zaehringen Attorneys, we provide services to the clients in every stage of a business relationship.

We advise many Swiss and foreign clients in relation to various types of commercial contracts for sale and purchase, agency and distribution, services, licensing, development, marketing, manufacturing, outsourcing, maintenance and support and online terms and conditions in different sectors.

We assist many multinational clients for their investments in Switzerland. Our advice consists of legal information on the relevant sector, available types of investments in Switzerland as well as giving legal assistance at every stage of the relevant investment including business contracts M&As, employee benefits and executive compensation, taxation, compliance, disclosure and stock exchange requirements, anti trust law, intellectual property rights, commercial litigation and dispute resolution. We also provide legal advice and assistance in relation to liabilities of directors and managers.

Labour Law

All disputes and legal services concerning Labour and Health Law have been advised by our office with years of experience. We mainly provide services on:

  • Labour Law
  • Public Labour Law
  • Social Security
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Services Agreements
  • Casualty Insurance

Banking and Finance Law

Clients having their investments at Swiss Banks, their inheritors, partners, mostly face difficulties.; could not even have access to the information on their account numbers or at times their investments at Swiss Banks do not bring the profit expected and the clients face inextricable situations.

For an optimum profit from their investments, we advice and also follow procedures on our clients behalf. Zaehringen Attorneys represents its customers in front of courts with its expertise on banking, finance, stock market and investment law.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our attorneys have years of experience in criminal law; representing both victims and perpetrators. Swiss Law has specific legislations on antitrust and law of commerce concerning criminal charges. Our clients are extensively advised by our experts and guided throughout the litigation process on both criminal and civil procedures, especially in cases on trade matters, money laundry and corruption.

Administration & Authorities

Administrative Law

All disputes and legal services concerning Administrative Law have been provided by our office with years of experience:

  • Construction and Planning Law
  • Environment Law
  • Agriculture Law
  • Law on Foreigners
  • Health Law
  • Constitutional Law


Even after following a successful outcome from a litigation process, it is often the case that execution procedures must be applied. At Zaehringen Attorneys we provide services from the beginning of a dispute to the end; from litigation process to enforcement. In addition to enforcement law, we also provide services in bankruptcy and compulsory compositions.

Tort Law

Tort Law

Our office provides services on liability and insurance cases, mainly on road accidents in occurrence of physical harm, including criminal cases against the counter party and insurances for compensation.



In international trade, Swiss arbitration intuitions are often addressed for dispute resolution. With its experts in arbitration, Zaehringen Attorneys represents international clients in front of the tribunals. Our experts continue their academic researches and development on arbitration; combine their advanced knowledge with their expertise from various angles, for the great benefit of their clients. Legal professionals of Zaehringen Attorneys also do act as arbitrators at the tribunals and provide services in sports arbitration.